Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today is my 8 year anniversary! My husband is 1500 miles away and he still sent me flowers, they are beautiful! He is so sweet! I can't believe it's been 8 years. I married him in the Idaho Falls temple for time and all eternity! I am so glad I found a man to take me to the temple!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My blog is a mess and I need to take time and move the pictures around and stuff but haven't had a chance so I will get it fixed soon! It got messed up somehow I don't even know how everything is in the wrong order!


We lived in Denver for a little over a month and then my husbands job got transferred we planned on being there longer. The kids and I are back in Utah/Idaho and my husband is in Minnesota working for a few days then he will go to Chicago. He is the manager for Rocky Mountain Insulation and is doing so good! Britton had laser hair removal on his neck and chin, lucky him no more shaving for him! (well after he goes a few more times) I am still debating on when to have another baby, I thought I wanted one soon, but I am not baby hungry and have just decided that I am happy with my two kids for now! I definitely want more kids but I think I'll wait a little while. It would be nice to sell our house and be settled before I get pregnant and have another kid. I am trying to be responsible and do the right thing! I am happy with my two kids they play together so cute! I am a little worried about getting older and I still want two more kids and I don't want to be to old when I have them, but I need to realize I do still have time I am still young even though sometimes I don't think I am. I always wanted my kids 2 years apart but that didn't happen with Kynlee and Drayken, so this time I was going to do that, but now I just don't think I am ready for one yet.. and I kinda like them 3 years apart so I think I may just do that again. Drayken is so smart and doing so many things, he is 18 months and he talks a ton! He is the smartest little boy! I love his blonde hair but I don't know where it came from!! I am debating when to put him in a big boy bed.. It is sad how fast they grow up. He is getting a ton of teeth right now I will be glad when they are all in, they are all his molars. Kynlee is so cute with her brother, she calls him draykey or "son" like I do. She is such an awesome big sister and they are adorable playing together. She is so smart too, I can't believe the things she knows and does. I have a very stressful life with my husband being all over the place, I am trying to figure out where I want to live and what I want to do. I am debating about finding a place to live in Randolph for a while. I am not sure where I want to live, but I do know I want out of Pocatello! We reduced the price of our house listed with the realtor, it hasn't been on the market very long and it has had a lot of showings but Pocatello is just a terrible market to sell houses, especially because ours is in a high price range it takes a while to sell it. I figured it would take 4-6 months I just need to be patient. It's been just over a month. The parade of homes is this weekend so my realtor thinks we will have some results on my house! I sure hope so!! I have a lot of stomach problems, my back still kills me all the time, and my heels are hurting me again, I had surgery on them 7 years ago and they need it again I guess. My eyes hurt me so bad all the time too, I have terrible allergies and my eyes are so dry and water all the time. I am going to have lasik eye surgery on them soon, I hope that will help the issues I have with them. I hate my glasses but I can't wear contacts I have tried every kind there is!!!!!! This is why I feel old even tho I am in my 20's!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drayken turned 18months on July 21st.
We have been living in Denver, CO for the last month. My husband is a manager for Rocky Mountain Insulation, he travels all over for work. We are living in a furnished apartment here, it is brand new and so nice! I really like it here! We have been doing a lot of fun things here. The shopping is awesome here too!! Our house in Pocatello is still for sale with a Realtor. We have had a lot of showings on it, I hope it'll be sold soon! We don't want to live in Pocatello anymore so no use in having a house there!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christmas was lots of fun and my kids got spoiled!

Drayken turned a year old on Jan 21st!

I had my birthday on Feb 22 which is always depressing!

Kynlee turned 4 years old on March 4th!

We had parties for them and they had so much fun and was spoiled at those too.

Britton is working in Denver, Colorado for now, who knows how long that will last or where he will be next.

Our house is for sale by owner! Hope it sells quickly!!

I sell Avon and it's been really fun and going good!

Friday, December 9, 2011

So I am really bad about typing on my blog! I forget I have it :)

Drayken can stand on his own and he took two steps all on his own the other day! He is getting another tooth on top so he will have 6 teeth! He is such a good baby! He minds me when I say no no he will quit doing what he is doing. He loves his momma, if I leave the room he follows me everywhere. He is so good to take naps and sleep all night. I am still nursing him, but he is getting close to being done. He does have some table food but I'm still using baby food until a year. He takes a sippy cup really good. He can say mama, Dada, ya, no. He is so fun!! I am glad I get to be his mommy and be with him 24/7. He is 10 1/2 months old!

Kynlee is so smart she knows so many things I can't believe her. She is getting so excited for Xmas, we go shopping and she says Santa might bring me this on everything she sees! :) She can do so many things!! She is such a good big sister. so protective of her brother. I am so glad I get to be with her 24/7 too!

Britton is still working in Virginia 2500 miles away, but he will be home DEC 20th to the 2nd of Jan and we all are moving to Vegas for his work there. We will live there for a while until we can get our house sold then we will move to Utah. We haven't put it up for sale yet, but have had a few people come look at it just from me telling them we are selling it soon. We have a couple that are really interested if their house would sell. I can't wait to be together again as a family it is really hard being a single mom! It'll be fun to live in Vegas for the rest of the cold winter. By summer I sure hope our house is sold and we are moved to Utah!!!